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Hi Craig,

I just wanted to say thankyou so much for all your help in getting me to the finish line in my 8 week fat loss challenge. 

My start weight 102.7kg

My Finish weight 76.02 kg   26.5 kg in 7.5 weeks (my 8 week was short due to public holiday)

body weight % lost  25.93%


56 days is a long time and I am amazed that you could predict my finish weight from the very start. 

Week one was a real struggle but once my body adjusted to the Fitness for life eating program I was fine.  It was a bit of a rollercoaster at times but thanks for always being available with words of encouragement or a foot up the bum.  I found our weekly catch up invaluable and plan to stay at this weight for of my life.  I will highly recommend the Fitness for Life weightloss program or just your Personal Training and Remedial Massage to all my friends.

regards Tommy H   Ferntree Gully



I would like to thank you Craig very much for helping me overcome my injuries that

occurrred during my training for Ironman,that no one else could help administer.

You gave me valuable information and guidance and went out of your way and beyond

to get me to the finish line.

I have recommended you to my triathlon club members.

Thank you again

Andrew S.


Hi Craig,

I just wanted to say I am absolutely amazed at the results you helped me achieve in my recent weight loss challenge.

I started at 60.9kg and jsut under 8 weeks later I weighed in at 53.5kg. As you can see in the photos I got the muscle definition I was after. You were a great support during the reall tuff weeks, and the massage was what I looked forward to each week. I,ve learned some things that I will continue to use forever and can not recommend highly enough everything about Fitness for Life.

Best wishes

Suzie B. Tecoma




I would like to start by saying that I dont normally write tetimonials, but in this case i'll make an exception as I feel so strongly about Craig Lindsay's abilities. He has been able to take me from a post operative set back, where my physio and surgeon appeared to have given up on me,to allowing me back to a pain free sporting lifestyle that includes cycling and karate, that Iwas once used to.


Rather than just saying this guy is great and give him a go, I feel it's necessary to understand where I went wrong and how only Craig could help me...


I had been recovering quite well from shoulder surgery to repair a tear,up until I lifted something that I should not have. I had picked up a slab of cans of soft drink that did not seem heavy at the time.  I had made sure that I picked it up ever so carefully and laid it down the same. There was no pain at that point in time.  Over the next few days my shoulder started hurting again and seemed to be locking up.


My range of movement was deminishing with each day, in essence it was locking up.  So I went back to see surgeon and physio for advice, Surgeoncatagorically stated that he was 95%sure I had not done any major damage and if anything I had just aggravated everything around the area of the operation give it a week or so to settle and referred me to the physio.


I spent the next month or so with my physio focusing on strengthening exercises for the joint using various techniques.  I persisted with my Physio's advice for a month and saw no improvement in that time.  I could sense that I was running out of options as I was not improving with my physio'songoing advice who wanted to refer me back to my surgeon.


Suffering both physically and now emotionally, there seemed no resolution in sight.  I was also beginning to think that the only possible outcome would be to go under the knife again, so I bit the bullett and finally took some advice from a friend who had also had positive results through Craig.


I had previously delayed my visit to Craig as I kept telling myself "how can a Remedial Massage Therapist/Personal Trainer help me? Surely my physio and surgeon know best" How wrong I was, I only wish I had seen Craig earlier.


Well to cut a long story short, within two sessionsof seeing Craig, I immediately saw positive results in my range of movement which was proof enough for me.  At my initial consultation Craig identified that all I was suffering from was a frozen shoulder. Basically post operation allmy muscles had weakened due to lack of use, and when I lifted that box although it didnthust at the time, the shoulder muscles in that area contracted, locking up in order to protect the joint.


I was also impressed at the level of investment in the range of equipment that Craig has in his studio that allows him to target and treat specific injuries safely within a specific range of motion.


Craig explained that based on his experience, the recover process would involve a two stage approach, whereby we would need to focus on range of movement first. This would require Deep Tissue Massage Therapy to break up muscle fibre/scar tissue in order to stretch and increars range of movement.  Once I obtained that range of movement, only then could we introduce specific strengthening exercisesto further enhance recovery.

Within 3 months of seeing Craig, Ihave now resumedmy love of cycling and karate, pain free. 

It is because of my own positive personal experience that i can highly recommend Craig Lindsay from Fitness for Life for any of your post operative needs.

Kon C.  Donvale